Tracking HIV in Ghana and review of Government commitment [Infographic report]

Focus on HIV in Ghana- Health

iWatch Africa as part of our commitment to contributing to the development of the health sector in Ghana has conducted an assessment of the Ghana Health Service report, 2016 focusing on key findings and the progress made in dealing with HIV in Ghana.

Our assessment revealed that HIV was ranked the number 4 leading cause of death among admitted patients with 1042 deaths, ahead of Cerebrovascular Accidents, Pneumonia and Septicaemia shock in 2016.

Our research also revealed that 53% of HIV Positive pregnant women were given the Anti-retro-viral treatment (ARV), which was 37% short of the 90% target in the 2016-2020 strategic plan.

Greater Accra also recorded the highest number of  HIV positive pregnant women with 3570 cases.

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Our checks also revealed that Government’s promise to establish the HIV/AIDS Fund had not taken place as at the third-quarter of 2017.

Below is an info graphic report;

Tracking HIV in Ghana and review of Government commitment [Infographic report]

Credit: Gideon Sarpong | Policy and Content Analyst | iWatch Africa

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Gideon Sarpong

2017 Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellow: Gideon Sarpong (G. K. Sarpong) is a media practitioner with over six years of experience in content development and management, data and investigative journalism, policy analysis, production and e-commerce strategizing. Gideon is currently Director of Policy and Content Analysis at iWatch Africa. He is also the Brands and Communication Manager for Football 360, Kwese SportsXtra, on KFS and Celebrity Fanzone, The Tonight Show, and After Hours. Gideon is an e-commerce consultant for Department of Geography & Regional Planning and Department of Religion & Human Values at the University of Cape Coast. He is also a farmer and columnist for several local and international news portals. Gideon holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Policy Journalism and Illicit Financial Flows and is committed to promoting transparency and accountability using investigative & data journalism. Gideon is an author with over eight publications and a fellow of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Thomson Reuters Foundation (Wealth of Nations Program) and Bloomberg Philantropies (Data for Health).

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