iWatch Africa launches its 2021 Policy Dialogue Series

iWatch Africa has launched its 2021 Policy Dialogue Series which seeks to bring diverse experts and stakeholders across the world to find innovative solutions to challenges such as climate change and digital rights among other thematic areas.

This year-long initiative seeks to influence policy decisions at the highest level of governance in Ghana and across the sub-region and will be a combination of virtual meetings and physical summits.

The Director, Policy and News Content/Co-Founder, Gideon Sarpong described it as “an important vehicle for talking through critical issues facing the region and finding areas of convergence for development.”

“I expect that these dialogue series would be an immersive experience with an end goal of designing practical blueprints across several domains for sustainable development,” he added.

The Director, Monitoring and Evaluation/Co-Founder, Moro Seidu said on the issue on government expenditure, it will be training field workers to trace government expenditures with regard to its response to COVID-19.

“We are also aiming at forming partnerships with local and international bodies to bridge the gap in climate change coverage in Ghana,” Project Lead/Co-Founder, Nana Boakye Yiadom added.

About iWatch Africa

iWatch Africa is a non-governmental media and policy organization with a carved a niche in Ghana’s policy and journalism environment by putting out an objective, fact-based and independent assessment on many issues.

iWatch Africa tracks digital rights in Africa, transnational organized crime, human rights abuse and government overall performance in Ghana.

Credit: Citinewsroom.com

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